Northern BC Initiative

Bringing Broadband to Northern BC

Using our expertise in fixed-wireless Internet solutions, Navigata has completed a number of projects designed to bring broadband Internet access to a number of remote communities in Northern BC. We are proud to have been a part of these projects which enabled previously isolated communities to enrich the lives of their community members through better educational, economic, health, and social opportunities.

Nadina & Stuart-Nechako project.

Navigata, in partnership with Community Futures Development Corporation Nadina & Stuart-Nechako completed a two year project to bring high speed Internet access to remote communities in the north. The region covered is located in the northern part of British Columbia, covering approximately 73,400 square km. The area includes four municipalities, one town, five villages, and 15 first nation communities. Within this region there were 35,157 people and 1,644 businesses without access to broadband Internet. Navigata’s goal was to bring Internet access and local ISPs into several under-served communities in the region. In some cases the communities created their own ISP or their own telecom authority with a local ISP as the 'back end'. This initiative was instrumental in enabling economic development, through access to applications such as e-learning, telehealth and cultural development.

Nisga’a Project


Navigata in conjunction with EnTel, the telecommunications arm of the Nisga’a Lisims Government, provided telecommunications services to the people of the Nass Valley and beyond. Navigata built infrastructure in the communities of Gitlakdamix (New Aiyansh), Gitwinksihlkw (Canyon City), Laxgalts’ap (Greenville) and Gingolx (Kincolith.).

building site

Navigata’s team hired, trained and provided certifications for Nisga’a trainees as part of the fibre installations enabling EnTel employees to maintain the system.