Navigata's National Network
View our national network.

Navigata's BC Network
View our British Columbia network.

Our Network

National Reach

Navigata owns 2,500 km of network in British Columbia, and operates a national network for its voice, data and Internet services. Our high-speed, high capacity network is fully redundant and self-healing to ensure reliable service.

Voice Network

Navigata’s voice network consists of state-of-the-art Class IV switches in major centres across Canada, with connections to Access Tandems of Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) across Canada. As a Responsible Organization (RespOrg), Navigata offers a full range of toll-free services.

Data Network

The core of Navigata’s data network is supported by ATM components. Navigata’s portfolio of data services utilizes Navigata’s Cisco Powered™ national ATM network backbone. With multiple Internet peering agreements across the country, traffic routing is assured.