Enterprise Voice and Data Solutions

Enterprise Voice and Data Solutions is a portfolio of services that will provide you with the underlying communications network infrastructure to support your business.  Use our professional expertise and knowledge to tailor a unique solution for your business so that you can focus on innovation, not infrastructure.  Learn more

Business Data Protection

With the rise of information technology and an increasing reliance on electronic data, businesses today require a coordinated strategy for ensuring that critical business data is secured. Navigata data security services can help ensure that your irreplaceable data is protected by providing both physical and virtual security solutions. Learn More

Wide Area Networking

Efficient and effective communication is an essential element to the success of your business. Navigata wide area data networking solutions allow you to provide your employees and customers with what they want - fast, efficient and reliable access to information. Learn More

Navigata Internet Services

From High Speed Internet to high-bandwidth services, Navigata has an Internet connection to suit your business. Whether you need a low cost access for general business use or a dedicated Internet access with quality of service guarantees, Navigata can help your business achieve its goals on the Internet. Learn More