Ethernet Internet

Navigata Ethernet Internet Service

Our high speed dedicated Internet access is a premium bandwidth offering suitable for medium to large sized businesses that demand very high performance levels. These services are ideal for organizations with:

  • Mission-critical Web applications hosted internally.
  • Large file transfer needs.


  • Dedicated always-on high-bandwidth connection.
  • Data traffic is fully burstable to subscribed access speeds.
  • Available over fiber or by wireless access.
  • Full or half-duplex connectivity.
  • Superior Navigata Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with 4-hour MTTR targets and 99.98% uptime commitments.
  • Very generous Internet usage limits.
  • 24/7 core network monitoring and technical support.
  • Multiple OC-3 capacities ensure fast, reliable transit over the ATM backbone. And, with multiple Internet peering agreements across the country, traffic routing is optimized.
  • Optimized traffic routing delivered via multiple Internet peering agreements across the country.


  • High speed access - no more waiting for transfer of large files.
  • Full duplex connection - same high performance for uploading and downloading.


National coverage.


Please contact a Navigata representative for pricing information for your region.