International Phone Cards as a Business Tool

Some of the advantages of Prepaid International Phone Cards include:

Generate New Sales Leads

On sales calls, leave your personalized calling card as a reminder of your organization and as a tool to increase leads. Your promotional card has a cash value that potential customers will keep!

Increase Direct Mail response rates

Insert your lightweight customized promotional card in your mailings and watch response rates grow!

Drive Web Traffic

Add your URL to your customized card and watch your web traffic increase. Give to both new and existing customers.

New Product Launches

Give to existing and target customers in order to generate interest about your new product launch.

Trade Show Gifts

Create a lasting impression of your organization. This innovative gift is easy to hand out, convenient to carry and will be kept and used by the recipient.

Thank-You Cards

Incent new purchases by thanking current or past customers for their business. Customize your card with a “Thank You” message.

Reward Employees

Motivate and reward employees for their hard work by giving them a customized promotional card.

Seasonal Promotions

Remind customers of your organization and increase brand awareness with a promotional card that has a seasonal image and your name, logo and contact info.

Gift with Purchase Promotions

Add value to a product and increase sales of slow moving inventory.

Special Event Commemorative Cards

Create a souvenir that will remind users of your organization. Create customized cards for company events or to celebrate the number of years you’ve been in business.

Wedding Reception / Shower Mementos

Place your photo on the card and give your guests something personal that will remind them of your special day. Place at every table or use as seating cards.