Toll Free

Navigata Toll-Free Service

Choose from coverage in Canada and the USA, or select our International Toll-Free service covering over 60 countries. Whatever the coverage, there are many applications for Toll-Free service including:

  • Sales hotline for calling or fax.
  • Customer service, or technical support centre.
  • Traveling employees calling head office.
  • Dial-up access to the Internet or your corporate network.

Features (North America)

  • You’ll pay the same low flat rate per minute, any time of the day for calls within Canada or to the US.
  • Flexible routing options to suit your business operations.
  • Exchange or area code routing.
  • Call distribution/call allocation routing.
  • Area code blocking.
  • Time-of-day/day-of-week routing.

Features (International)

Navigata’s International Toll-Free service enables your customers and prospects around the world to contact your Canadian location toll-free any time. Choose from two types of International Toll-Free service:

  • Overseas 800 offers coverage in over 60 countries. worldwide with toll- free numbers specific to each country.
  • Universal 800 offers coverage in up to 30 countries with the same toll-free number.

Toll-Free Benefits

  • Cost-effective method to offer a “local presence” in North American and international markets.
  • Choice of an easy to remember, customer service number.
  • Improved accessibility to your customers.
  • Low cost means of improving sales and customer service.


Navigata’s Toll-Free service is available across Canada and the US.