Enhanced Card Services

Navigata Enhanced Card Services

Navigata’s Enhanced Card services provide prepaid and post-paid calling cards to carrier, reseller and wholesale customers. This product enables service providers to offer superior, high margin card services to its end customers, without incurring large up front capital costs. All Navigata’s Card Services utilize our state-of-the-art calling card platform, one of the most robust and reliable in the industry.


  • Dedicated toll-free number for all calls.
  • Call origination and completion available in Canada, USA, and over 230 countries worldwide.
  • Customizable voice prompts available in up to 9 languages.
  • PIN uploads on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Magnetic swipe for use in card-reader equipped payphones in Canada.
  • Automated, electronic card activation and deactivation.
  • Navigata fully managed, centrally located platform

Optional Postpaid Features

  • Daily fraud reporting.
  • Call restrictions such as blocking of all international calls.
  • Daily programmable pre-set calling limits reduce the potential for fraud.
  • All card information exchanged via secure FTP transfer.
  • Choice of 3 service levels to fit your customer’s calling habits: domestic calls only, domestic plus limited international calling, and domestic and all international calls.

Optional Prepaid Features

  • Corporate or customized branding.
  • Choice of awarding-winning collectible images to suit different profiles.


  • Secure FTP allows for easy card activation through a minimum daily exchange of customer information.
  • Pro-active fraud monitoring minimizes collection issues.
  • Direct, hassle free access, in both North America and overseas.
  • Significant cost savings for end users over hotel phones, or even other calling cards.
  • Consolidated billing is both a time saving and convenient business tool.
  • Differentiates your service offering with unique and customized applications.


Our Enhanced Card services are offered around the globe. In areas not serviced directly by Navigata, we have teamed up with some of the most reliable and trusted partners in the world to provide you seamless connectivity.